The company’s ‘Training and Consultancy’ unit is part of an independent Business Unit and has functional experts with complementary backgrounds and acquired operational experience. The unit is multidisciplinary and has an in-depth knowledge of the Fœderis Talent Management solutions, meaning we can provide tailored responses to any questions our clients may have when implementing and using our software.

Our training consultants lead courses, create customised teaching materials, accompany clients at key periods of the year and provide advice on how to go about decentralising annual appraisal interviews and filing the 2483 tax return.

The company’s training consultants visit the client’s premises and deal with previously identified problems that concern specific subjects to apply a ‘tailor-made’ approach. A visit may last only a few days for a course or one-off consultancy project, or much longer. This may be two or three days per week over several weeks to hand over the HR systems and pass on our know-how to a large number of employees.

  • Training sessions are adapted to the different settings and the customised solution designed and produced for each client:
  • Standard ‘general public’ courses on all of the modules implemented,
  • Customised courses for the processes used by the client for specific groups of people: head-office departments, HR personnel, managers or administrators,
  • Customised materials using specific media (paper, video, etc.),
  • E-learning courses on specific subjects: launching appraisal interview campaigns, creating requests, creating years, establishing and managing the training plan.