Get the most out of a powerful Business Intelligence tool that has been specifically designed for Human Resources departments to develop a successful business sector strategy.

Our solution has a fully integrated Report Generator that is a state-of-the-art and of the highest quality (no additional external hardware or software required). Through various means of communication (portals, reports, indicators that are directly embedded in the processes), all HR personnel have user-friendly, fun and tailor-made access to data.

Unlike the standard dashboards HR departments are used to, the solution’s BI tool provides high value-added indicators and steering ratios that let users answer questions such as:

  • What is the relationship between the level of attainment of the targets set by employees and the entities’ performance?
  • How can we help managers interpret the level of absenteeism in their department or measure the average competency level against the courses taken?
  • On which jobs or competencies do we spend the most money for training purposes?
  • How can we better identify talent across the entire company?
  • How can we connect financial performance to HR performance?

 Our decision-support program makes use of state-of-the-art browsing methods:

  • drill down (zoom function that lets the user break an item down into smaller parts),
  • drill up (inverse function that combines small parts),
  • drill through (access to the details of an item),
  • slice and dice: (dynamic modification of the views and rows and columns of a table),
  • Multidimensional function: for example, analysis of the average competency level of each team for a given product line while combining this data with age, seniority, remuneration or ranking,
  • Forecasting function: determine long-term development scenarios for a business unit or the whole company using records stored on the system and the potential development factors entered,
  • Pre-assembled reports and graphs library covering all standard transversal needs,
  • Self-service customised report creation function based on drag-and-drop and the resizing of elements such as rows, columns, windows and labels,
  • Data and report sharing function: each user can make available to the group or preselected users his/her own analyses and dashboards through the automated and programmable sending of e-mails,
  • Decision-support analysis function that is fully integrated into the business sector solution, requiring neither IT prerequisites nor detailed knowledge of the data’s structure.