Today, French state agencies and local authorities have to contend with constraints that were once the preserve of the private sector. Everyone can see that the country’s public services have been deeply affected by the current social crisis.

Budgetary constraints, reductions in the number of public-sector workers, the disappearance of public services in rural areas, and opening up to competition in the EU are just some of the new constraints that will bring about radical changes in the future organisation of the French public sector.

Public firms and local authorities are well aware of the fact that they have to improve the quality of their services and their proximity to citizens and that the new services that they will be asked to provide in the future will have to be up to the mark.

One of the biggest challenges posed by these changes is the ability to develop the management of public-sector workers while also modernising tools and procedures.

Fœderis provides a response to these changes by giving public bodies a tangible solution that helps them optimise their HR component:

  • Manage statutory training courses (inter-professional education – preparation of civil service exams – administration courses),
  • Respond to the public sector’s numerous security constraints and their corresponding regulations (traceability of access rights),
  • Automatic exchange with the professional CNFPT platform and single sign-on to register for courses offered on a regional level,
  • Implement tailor-made individual employee assessment and interview solutions,
  • Find essential competencies in a sector in which qualified individuals and experts are in great demand and rare,
  • Develop the competencies of public-sector workers through tailor-made courses in order to ensure that the new public services provided are up to the mark (degree course and career path),
  • Recruit top professionals through multimedia campaigns,
  • Forecast your workforce and competency requirements in light of tomorrow’s target organisational structures,
  • Anticipate your HR requirements through the use of simple and clear indicators that let you look to the future,
  • Make use of social media sites for your recruitment and in-house communication campaigns.

Fœderis is currently present in a very large number of local authorities, state agencies and public firms.

Our dedicated solutions contain all of the components that are specific to the public sector and respond to its main concerns.