At a time when the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly globalised and concentrated, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies find themselves in a non-stop race to innovate. The production, approval and marketing of new products and medicine depend on substantial investments that require coherent long-term strategies.

Accompanying the social changes of a medical check-up, getting through the critical years in which the exclusive rights to a molecule are lost, specialising in clearly identified market segments, managing restructuring projects and changes in scope and organisation, and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations are just some of the challenges faced by the sector’s firms.

Fœderis provides vital assistance to HR departments by helping them manage, capitalise on and professionalise their human assets:

  • Respond to pharmaceutical industry regulations and requirements (e.g. traceability of compulsory training courses) – Certification and authorisation of employees placed in certain positions,
  • Find essential pharmaceutical and biotechnology competencies in a sector in which highly qualified individuals and experts are in great demand and rare,
  • Implement an attractive salary policy to appeal to and secure the loyalty of new talent and the best teams of researchers,
  • Develop the competencies of employees by providing tailor-made courses in order to develop and produce tomorrow’s innovative products (degree course and career path),
  • Double authentication and electronic signatures required for approving certain processes,
  • Recruit the sector’s top professionals via multimedia campaigns,
  • Anticipate your HR requirements through the use of simple and clear management indicators and ratios that let the firm’s decision-makers look to the future,
  • Answer questions such as: what competencies will the company require in the future? How can I be sure that I am recruiting the talent needed for the company’s growth?
  • Make use of social media sites for your recruitment and in-house communication campaigns.

Fœderis is currently present in a very large number of pharmaceutical companies, from medium-sized French pharmaceutical firms to the biggest international groups.

Our dedicated solutions contain all of the components that are specific to the sector and respond to the main concerns of pharmaceutical companies.