French industrial firms have had to operate for a number of years in an international environment shaped by the increasingly visible constraints of rapid globalisation. In a certain number of strategic sectors, industrial activity has clearly fallen by the wayside.

Companies are fully aware of the fact that they must become more competitive if they wish to stand up to international competition and break the vicious circle in which they now find themselves.

Going upmarket, specialising in clearly identified market segments, resolutely turning the company’s focus to exporting to high-potential emerging markets or implementing an investment policy in order to rapidly renew ageing manufacturing equipment are just some of the goals that industrial firms have to place at the heart of their strategy.

Fœderis provides a response to these changes by giving industrial firms a tangible solution that helps them optimise the HR component of their development model:

  • Respond to the sector’s numerous security constraints and their corresponding regulations (traceability of access rights and compulsory safe driving courses – CACES),
  • Find essential competencies in a sector in which highly qualified individuals and experts are in great demand and rare,
  • Implement an attractive salary policy to appeal to and secure the loyalty of new talent,
  • Develop the competencies of employees by providing tailor-made courses in order to be competitive and credible on the markets and in the products of the future (degree course and career path),
  • Recruit the sector’s top professionals through multimedia campaigns,
  • Anticipate your HR requirements through the use of simple and clear indicators that let you look to the future,
  • Answer questions such as: what competencies will the company need in the future? How can I be sure that I am recruiting the talent needed for the company’s growth?
  • Make use of social media sites for your recruitment and in-house communication campaigns.

Fœderis is currently present in a very large number of industrial firms, from purely French SMEs to big international groups and, in particular, in high-tech sectors such as the aeronautical industry.

Our dedicated solutions contain all of the components that are specific to the sector and respond to the main concerns of industrial firms.