From growing budgetary constraints to social issues that undermine the implementation of hospital projects, the French hospital system faces a number of difficult choices.
Budgetary constraints, administrative issues, the reduction in the size of the workforce, the status of public-sector workers, public and private law provisions: How can a hospital give meaning to the management of its human resources while gradually moving from simply administering employees to recognising and capitalising on its human capital?

Today, the hospital system as a whole is well aware that the statutory administration of employees must give way to the notions of competency, career development, mobility and versatility.
One of the major challenges that the hospital system will face over the next few years concerns its ability to change its values and clarify responsibilities while developing the management of its employees and modernising its IT tools and HR procedures.
Fœderis provides a response to these changes by giving hospitals a tangible solution that helps them optimise their HR component:

  • Manage statutory training courses (administration courses),
  • Respond to the hospital system’s numerous security constraints and their corresponding regulations (traceability of access rights),
  • Integrate the DHOS (Department for hospitals and care) inventory of occupations while incorporating fact sheets and expertise and competency data repositories,
  • Implement individual employee assessment and interview solutions,
  • Receive assistance with actions linked to the mobility, versatility, training and rating of staff,
  • Develop the competencies of employees through tailor-made courses in order to ensure that the new services provided by hospitals are up to the mark (degree course and career path),
  • Receive assistance with the implementation of a HR policy that reconciles institutional challenges with the development of individual careers,
  • Forecast your workforce and competency requirements in light of tomorrow’s target organisational structures,
  • Anticipate your HR requirements through the use of simple and clear indicators that let you look to the future.

Fœderis is currently present in a very large number of hospitals and clinics. Our dedicated solutions contain all of the components that are specific to the public sector and respond to its main concerns.