The service sector – or tertiary sector as it is referred to by the French institute of statistics – is made up of different types of business. From transport and IT services companies to distribution and temporary employment firms, the sector’s problems and short/medium-term growth prospects are not the same.

Nevertheless, on the whole, it is a sector that has withstood the economic downturn of the past few years better than others.
Even though the sector’s companies remain exposed to macroeconomic shocks, certain sectors, such as the services to individuals sector, are growing.

Adapting to world changes and the globalisation of business, recruiting talented individuals who will help the business to grow in the future, being able to renew one’s workforce and respond to the growing need for qualified personnel, and having access to flexible IT solutions that are easy to integrate into different IT systems and that can adapt to the changes that are currently taking place are some of the challenges faced by the sector’s HR departments.

Fœderis provides a response to these changes by giving HR departments a tangible solution that helps them optimise the HR component of their development.

  • Respond to the sector’s numerous security constraints and their corresponding regulations: distribution, temporary employment (traceability of access rights and compulsory training courses),
  • Implement a training policy that lets your company respond to the growing demand for qualified personnel,
  • Find and secure the loyalty of talented and high-potential individuals on whom your company’s future growth will depend,
  • Develop the competencies of employees by providing tailor-made courses in order to be competitive in future markets (degree course and career path),
  • Recruit the sector’s top professionals via multimedia campaigns,
  • Look ahead to foresee tomorrow’s target organisational structures and resource requirements through the use of state-of-the-art dashboards and indicators,
  • Make use of the advantages offered by social media sites for your recruitment and in-house communication campaigns.

Fœderis is currently present in a very large number of tertiary sector companies, both in SMEs and large international groups.