Plan and create a global remuneration policy that is in harmony with the growth strategy and specific characteristics of your company.

One of the essential elements for ensuring your company’s competitiveness is to create a salary policy that connects employee pay to performance and objectively determines the criteria to be applied to manage pay transparently according to the fulfilment of individual and collective targets.
Nowadays, HR directors are striving to retain, develop and secure the loyalty of talented individuals. Remuneration is still one of the most complex topics that needs to be discussed. It is the foundation on which each employee’s sense of belonging to the company will grow.

Fœderis provides a forward-thinking and complete solution that is easy to implement and use. It draws on 15 years of experience successfully acquired among hundreds of clients from many different industries.

Fœderis solutions are adapted to all types of activity: Public, Private, Services, Industry, Banking and Insurance, and more.
Self-service management processes, activated on request, provide access for all those concerned – employees, managers, coaches – to HR processes.

  • Individual and collective management of remuneration.
  • Annual salary increase campaign.
  • Decentralised salary increase proposal function available to operational managers in line with the company’s global remuneration strategy.
  • Connection with the annual appraisal interviews. Competence-based remuneration dependent on the fulfilment of individual and team goals.
  • Performance management and bonus calculation – variable remuneration system.
  • Cross-analyses and multi-criteria simulations and forecasts. Effects: payroll, payroll per category, seniority, report, noria, structure.
  • Decentralised and paperless salary increase management process.
  • Management ratios and steering indicators available to managers and other stakeholders.
  • Customisation of forms and reporting with modelling systems that are directly implemented by the HR department.
  • Security, confidentiality and connectivity guaranteed by LDAP-compatible systems, SSO on all WEB environments.