Turn your appraisal interviews into a key career moment for your employees and a true performance lever for your company.

Nowadays, companies are striving to find, retain, appeal to and secure the loyalty of talented individuals. Operating in a challenging environment, HR departments must do everything in their power to retain those with potential by identifying their aspirations and responding to their work-related ambitions.

In a world in which uncertainty is a permanent feature, those who wish to make the most of their workforce must be able to assess well in order to orientate well and use and secure the loyalty of talented individuals.

Fœderis provides a forward-thinking and complete solution that is easy to implement and use. It draws on 15 years of experience successfully acquired among hundreds of clients from many different industries.
Fœderis solutions are adapted to all types of activity: Public, Private, Services, Industry, Banking and Insurance, and more.

Self-service management processes, activated on request, provide access for all those concerned – employees, managers, coaches – to HR processes.

  • Steerage of annual appraisal interviews. Integration of all types of interview: professional, end of assignment, performance, annual appraisal, training and mobility.
  • Simple and rapid familiarisation process thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive design.
  • Interactivity with Training, Competencies and Recruitment.
  • Decentralisation of the conducting and management of interviews among those concerned: managers, employees, local HR administrators. Publication of the assessment system’s materials and operating instructions. Record of interviews kept for an unlimited number of years.
  • Identification of training needs in connection with the annual appraisal interviews. Automatic delegation in the event of absence.
  • Tailor-made modelling of forms and complete dematerialization of the assessment process. Integration of the company into the WEB portal. Integration of the competencies and activities inventory.
  • Campaign management ratios and steering indicators available to administrators, campaign assessments and follow-up dashboards. Management of a customised warning system for all those concerned.
  • Customisation of forms and of the reporting system through modelling systems directly implemented by the client.
  • Customised dashboards through a Business Intelligence module (SaaS).
  • Security, confidentiality and connectivity guaranteed by LDAP-compatible systems, SSO on all WEB environments.